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Due to the continuously growing demands in the field of technical textiles with regard to extreme material thicknesses and thread sizes, the enormous performance Parameters concerning stitch length, foot stroke and sewing speed as well as the simultaneously required maximum effectivity in modern production processes the sewing technology is confronted with new challenges. Dürkopp Adler has met these challenges and presents as a result a completely new designed machine Generation the H-TYPE series. With the H-TYPE Dürkopp Adler is Setting new standards for productivity and efficiency in the world of “heavy-duty sewing applications”.



With the new model range Dürkopp Adler opens up a new chapter in heavy industrial
sewing machines. The massive appearance documents its target customer group
and the sewing capabilities. Extreme threads up to Nm 5/3 are able to sew and trim
automatically. An integrated very strong electronic motor allows the penetration of
strongest hardest materials. Handling is supported by a 30 mm foot-lift. Stitch length
up to 15 mm gives the user totally new opportunities in sewing.
An XL barrel shuttle with 70% more capacity together with a maximum speed of
1.250 stitches per minute will raise the productivity in unknown heights.
The operator will be supported by an electronic Powerstitch device, which gives the
operator a secure and sovereign handling of the power available.


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...a concept as it could only be developed by Dürkopp Adler because it is backed by the Dürkopp Adler people with all their competence.



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